V International Baltic Psychology Conference
Psychology in the Baltics: at the crossroads
August 22 - 25, 2002 in Tartu, Estonia

[University of Tartu]

Psychologists of the three Baltic countries are holding their 5th biennial conference at the University of Tartu, Estonia. The International Baltic Psychology Conference is a meeting of Baltic psychologists from all over the world. This conference is focusing on theoretical as well as applied aspects of psychological research.

The V International Baltic Psychology Conference is intended to give rise to discussions on topics such as clinical, health and neuropsychology; school and child psychology; environmental psychology; cultural, social and personality psychology; organizational and work psychology; legal professional aspects; forensic psychology; social skills and training.

Keynote speakers:
Peter Farrell, PhD (University of Manchester, International School Psychology Association)
"Promoting School Psychology in Different Countries: Responding to the Challenge"; Jaak Panksepp, PhD (Chicago Institute for Neurosurgery and Neuroresearch, Bowling Green State University) "Affective Consciousness and the Instinctual Action System of the Brain: The Neural Sources of Sadness and Joy". Jaan Valsiner, PhD (Clark University, Worcester)
"Creating Arenas For Action: Videogames and Violence (Valsiner & Capezza)";

A decade has passed since the three Baltic states re-established their independency. During that period the countries have succeeded to stand up and start walking again. With the ability to walk on one's own comes the possibility and responsibility of deciding which way to go. Some ways are easy to go, some only seem that. Some ways are away and some ways one has to go anyway. In the light of the changes and developments in the world and Europe in it, the ability to walk has taken us to an important intersection of many ways - the Baltic states are at the crossroads.

The aim of the conference is to offer a professional overview of psychological research in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, also in other countries. The V International Baltic Psychology Conference is also a wonderful opportunity to meet colleagues and friends from other Baltic states, experts from all over world and to set up co-operation network.

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